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Residential Conveyancing

Buying and selling your home, whether it is your main residence, an investment property, or a second home, can be a long and confusing process. As we specialise in property transactions we have a dedicated team who will guide you through the process.

We also act for clients purchasing a new plot, clients using help to buy financing and clients who are purchasing or selling a portfolio of properties.

Please call our friendly team and instruct us over the phone.

Professional Services

GuestAlbania has created its own case tracking system allowing agents to check the progress of sales and purchases on behalf of mutual clients. We work together to meet deadlines and this is a new and innovate alternative to the traditional method of conveyancing.

This saves time for sales progression team and working together gives a better service to all.

A very important step in the sale and purchase of a property.

When all you want to do is move house, conveyancing is often the part of a property transaction that appears to ‘get in the way’. It is in fact a very important step in the sale and purchase of a property, giving you peace of mind knowing the legal formalities have been checked.

During a sale, your solicitor will be preparing a contract to sell your property on the terms you have agreed to and answering any questions that the party buying your property might raise. Your solicitor will also handle any mortgages that need paying off.

During a purchase, your solicitor will be checking that the contract is prepared correctly, as well as checking the property documentation and title for anything that might need correcting, checking, changing or anything that you need to be made aware of when buying your property.

We advise that the typical property transaction takes 6-8 weeks.