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Even you are in Albania or not our Home Rental Services is dedicated for your home. All you have to do is to contact us and send full information about your house and we will do the rest. We will find clients for you and will manage all rental process.

We are here to advise you about the letting market, applicable laws and taxes and inform you how to best maximize the rental return of your property in Albania. We will take responsibility for ensuring that your property is rented in accordance with all local and state laws of Albania. We study access and rental opportunities to best meet your needs before we inform you of what will the best and realistic rental return option for your property.

Once you have committed to our rental management plan, we then take photos of your property and upload them on our rental web site as well as the other sister sites with whom we cooperate. In addition we advertise your property in different directories, search engines, and portals.

We recognize that we can’t be all things to all people. As a result, please review the list below to understand more about the type of properties we specialize in marketing and managing. For entire service we take 20% of the rental price.

Home Rental Services specializes in single family homes, duplexes and townhouses with the following attributes:

  • We represent and manage houses
  • Our specialty is rental homes.
  • We typically don’t accept management of properties more than about 50 km from our office in Durres.
  • All properties must meet any applicable local ordinance requirements.
  • All properties must meet reasonable habitability standards.

Here are some things that set us apart from other companies in our industry:

  • We efficiently and successfully manage a consider number of properties properties.
  • Our phones are answered by a real person 24/7 days a week.
  • You will be assigned one of our professional property managers.
  • Our leasing agents show properties 7 days a week.
  • We are able to show the home while you still live there. Vacant homes are not good for your cash flow, your property or our reputation so we want to find you a qualified renter as quickly as possible.
  • We have a large professional network to locate qualified renters.
  • Your home will be professionally advertised on popular rental web sites.