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House Renovations


Renovating a house can be a daunting task, GuestAlbania is able to offer a full compliment of services to help make your house a home.

GuestAlbania services cover:

  • Structural alterations
  • Plastering
  • Plumbing and pipeworks
  • Heating (Gas and electrics)
  • Windows and doors
  • Conservatories
  • Hard landscaping
  • Flooring
  • Painting and decorating

At GuestAlbania we are able to undertake full risk assessments as well as liasing with architects and planning officers and working directly with building control officers, and are fully coherent with building regulations.

GuestAlbania is also able to provide introductions to local architects and structural engineers and can project manage your renovation from start to finish.

Re-inventing your Kitchen

There is almost always a solution to expand a cramped kitchen, but often this concept can be hard to visualize. That’s where we come in. We love working with our clients to develop unique solutions that alleviate their kitchen woes.

In previous eras, home design was rooted in formality. Houses were divided into a series of smaller rooms, each with a singular function. Formal living and dining spaces graced the front of the home while the kitchen was tucked into the rear. Thought of as a service space, the kitchen was used for food preparation and nothing more — no connection to the rest of the home, no space for socializing, and little room for more than one cook.

Today, we have adopted a more casual, family-centered lifestyle with the kitchen taking center stage. No longer hidden in some corner of the house, the kitchen has become the family command center with room for a lot more than just cooking. Our ever-expanding definition of “kitchen” now incorporates space for dining and casual seating seamlessly woven into the fabric of a functional kitchen. And let’s not forget about the beauty and detail of modern kitchens. With large islands, commercial-grade appliances, abundant storage, and expansive countertops, they are functional pieces of art worthy of display.

People usually don’t realize this, but there is often underutilized space within a home that can be repurposed to expand a cramped kitchen. In an area where space is limited, creativity is key. Though every project is unique, here are a few strategies for reinventing your kitchen.

Whole House Renovation

Is your house looking a little worse for the wear? Are you starting to think about moving? Your new house may be hidden right before your very eyes. The design and construction team at Pagenstecher Group, specialize in whole house renovations. More than just cosmetic upgrades, a whole house renovation can completely transform a house both inside and out!Some people love older homes because they have a unique character and a level of detail you rarely find in new construction. But they may have some shortcomings as well. We can help you develop a strategy to address your home’s flaws while preserving and enhancing its best features.

Others may prefer newer construction homes because of their casual style and open plans. However newer homes often lack the craftsmanship and charm found in an older home. Believe it or not, some newer homes are “too open.” Our team can work with you to create one-of-a-kind details that add definition to your open plan.

New or old, our team of designers and master builders will work hand-in-hand with you to translate your vision of the “perfect home” and make it a reality. Let us show you the opportunities that lie hidden within your home.


Have you ever visited a home and immediately felt like it perfectly fit its owner? Home customization is a great way to put your own unique stamp on your living space. Are you a collector or reader? Do you love color or bold patterns? Highlighting the elements of your life and family that are most important will make your house special.

  • Carve out space for a wine cellar or library nook.
  • Install custom built-ins in the family room to display the treasures of your travels.
  • Add a wet bar if you love to entertain.
  • Build a screen porch to expand your living space into the outdoors.

These are but a few of the many options that can be explored when customizing your home.

Clients engage Pagenstecher Group because we add a level of detail and service you won’t find anywhere else. Our collaborative process focuses on every detail to ensure your house fits you perfectly.

Unified Aesthetic

A lot of homes have plenty of space but suffer from a lack of cohesion. A jumble of different architectural styles and competing aesthetics can fracture a home into a collection of rooms unrelated to one another. In this instance, less really is more.

A whole house renovation can reconnect your home without making major changes to the footprint. Developing a common language with trim details and millwork is often a good place to start. Finish materials and color can also play a key role in defining a unified aesthetic throughout your home.

No matter what your style, the staff at Pagenstecher Group can transform your home into an artful expression of you.